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ZEN Internet

Dedicated VPN Service

We provide dedicated VPN services for clients that need to connect their sub-offices to the HQ both locally and internationally. Our network supports MPLS VPN and IPsec VPN technologies.

High Availability on Last Mile

To increase availability to 99.9% we do provide a mix of FTTX and radio to achieve this. This can be done in an active-active configuration or as an active -standby configuration.

Support Service

We provide our clients that do not have an ICT personnel free support to assess their internet requirement so that the service we provide them will be fit for purpose from day 1. We provide bandwidth monitoring through our portal so that clients can see in real-time their utilization and be in the position to make timely upgrades or request stricter policies to prevent users from abusing the service.


To get your customized corporate internet package please contact our marketing team and one of our technical officers will contact you to make an assessment and recommend your tailored package.

Dedicated Bandwidth Internet

At Zen Internet we believe our customers should have an internet service that meet their needs and that is why all our corporate internet service come with a committed information rate (dedicated) that is commensurate to our client’s requirement.


For customers that require throughput above 10Mbps we connect them through our fiber network (FTTx) which can provide speeds up to 1Gbps to a customer. Clients that require less than 10Mbps will be connected via our fixed wireless network that is also capable of delivering speeds of up to 20Mbps per client.


To increase availability to 99.9% we do provide a mix of FTTX and radio to achieve this at additional cost to clients that require it.


"Internet to power

your business"


We offer a FREE THREE (3) DAYS TRIAL of our services at zero obligation to your establishment using our Fiber Backbone Network.

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Customer Support

We provide 24/7 networking monitoring and customer support, and a self-care tool/portal for customers to monitor their account/traffic performance.

2  —

99% Uptime

Dedicated fiber optic bandwidth options last mile wireless connected up to 200 mbps with service level agreement goals of up to 99% availability

3 —

Customized Services

We can help you implement a network that does what you need it to – for solutions like application support, IP routing, prioritization, acceleration & compression.

And enjoy the following benefits

More Benefits


​Knowing that every business has its unique needs, we offer a range of bandwidths to meet your current need and budget with speeds from 2mbps to 200mbps. You can always scale up as your business grows.


​We provide added security services which include add-on security functionalities as DDOS protection for volumetric as well as application attacks, also black holding and trusted network functionalities.


​ZOODLABS enables full redundancy with direct connectivity to Lisbon and a full redundancy route to Paris. This takes care of any possibility of failure ensuring that you have less downtime.

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